Boost Profit by Understanding Your Numbers Better

helping small business owners with up to $5m revenue to …

  • drive profit & save costs by knowing how to read your numbers

  • become faster identifying & capitalising on new opportunities

  • actively manage cash flow so you’re never short again

Find the confidence to make the best decisions for your business

Focus Session

  • 1.5 to 2 hour call

  • 2-3 page Summary Report

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demystify your numbers to boost profit

  • Learn how to increase cash flow by changing the way you look at your business numbers

  • Cut costs by learning how to read the numbers your bookkeeper gives you without needing to wait on accountants

  • Reduce stress and boost profit by being smarter with your financials

business review

  • 1-2 Meetings

  • Comprehensive Report & Debrief Meeting


find the root cause of your business pain

  • Find long term viable solutions to make your life easier

  • Strengthen your business by managing your numbers better

  • Conquer your cash flow and never be short again

  • Have more time growing revenue and profit … not drowning in paperwork

coaching partnership

  • Fortnightly 1.5-2 hr sessions

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting Support

  • Have the tools to to make your business more profitable

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empower yourself to make the right financial decisions

  • Drive profit by turning accounting data into valuable information

  • Boost cash and reduce debt by managing your numbers differently

  • Cut costs by knowing how to analyse your numbers without having to wait on accountants

  • Take advantage of new opportunities by making make your business more agile

  • Take action quickly when shit’s going wrong

  • Have more time to do things you enjoy by managing your numbers more EFFICIENTLY

The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found 94 percent of business owners benefit from mentoring and coaching.
Research also shows 70 percent of small businesses survive more than five years received mentoring ... which is double the rate compared to non-mentored businesses

Need more convincing?

Numbers may not be your thing but ignoring them can be fatal:

  • Statistics show only 58% of small business survive more than three years.

  • ASIC statistics found 81% of all insolvencies were small businesses. The top reason they fail is lack of cash & financial control.

Making your business efficient and cost effective will not only increase your chance of business survival, you create the foundations to weather any downturns and position yourself for sustainable profitable growth.

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