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Work Environment

To stay or go? Six signs it’s time to leave your job and why you need to listen

There’s not a single person that I’ve met that hasn’t had a job that’ made them miserable.

While most of us just ‘put up with it’, being in an emotionally charged environment can take a toll on your mental wellbeing, affect your relationships outside work, and put you at risk of injury, fatigue and burnout.

Sustained periods of chronic stress can cause more psychological damage than you realise, can also lead to (or exacerbate) anxiety and depression, with mental health more common in the workplace than you realise:

  • Deloitte found that 84 percent of employees experienced mental health issues due to work

  • A PwC report commissioned by the Australian Government found the financial and insurance sector reported the highest instance of mental health conditions, with 33 per cent of people experiencing an issue with mental wellbeing.

So is a job you hate really worth it?

This week’s blog looks at the ‘time to go’ signs to look for, and why you need to take notice.

Co-workers driving you crazy? Five tricks from an introvert to make open plan working easier

We’ve all someone next to us at work, chomping away and rustling their chip packet, oblivious to the steam that’s slowly emanating from your ears.

Wishing that person a slow and painful death while you’re smothering them with that loud as hell chip packet is tempting isn’t going to take away that angst.

As an introvert who is sensitive to noise, I’ve spent over a decade working in open plan working environments, including a treasury trading floor. I’ve had to come up with all sorts of ways to deal with distracting environments. Here are a couple of proven ways that helped me get on with the job without killing anyone.