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Six Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired

Most of us use our holidays to rejuvenate ourselves - days of relaxation, sleep-ins, lazing around and siestas allow our minds to reset so we’re raring to go once we’re back at work..

But for some of us, that first week back can feel awful.

If you’re in that boat - here are 6 tips to help you feel inspired and motivated.

Five ways of letting go of perfectionism and why its the best thing you can do for your career AND your life

No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough - Bréné Brown

Perfectionism is often seen as a virtue, but it could be the very thing holding back your career.

While we like think we're just to striving to be our very best, the pursuit of perfection may be our way of hiding our fears.

Because if our work is flawless and our lives perfect, we won’t ever be hurt or punished.

But perfectionism can make us so afraid of failure that pursuing what we really want gets pushed aside.

From an achievement obsessed perfectionist, here are five tips to find the courage to put ourselves out there - flaws and all.