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How Improving Employee Onboarding Can Boost Your Bottom Line

An article from Entrepreneur …

The statistics around employee turnover for new starters is alarming. According to a recent Robert Half study:

  • 20% of employees leave within 6 weeks of starting a role.

  • 93% consider leaving a new role before the end of their probation.

  • On-boarding issues is why 36% leave new roles.

Employee turnover costs your business money. Not only is there cash flying out of your account in recruitment, advertising, and agency costs, your business is bearing productivity losses as you train your new recruit, and spend precious time interviewing and reading CV’s.

Studies have shown worker engagement is directly related to revenue, which is why executives are obsessed with it. An engaged employee is more likely to go the extra mile for your.

So what can you do as an employer?

In an article I wrote for Entrepreneur, I examine how NOT investing in employee on-boarding can cost your business big time, and what you can do about it.

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