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About Amy ....

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Having made the journey myself, I would love to make your path to finding your true north far easier than mine was.

It all started when...

I used to be a corporate warrior who used to believe her own shit – until that shit until hit me in the face and landed me on my ass.

I loved corporate life. Everything from the power suits to the high heels, the interstate and overseas travel, and having a phone glued to my hand ALL the time. It made me feel important because I was always sooooo busy

But ...

Despite having everything that I thought would make me happy – steady job, comfortable life, nice home, expensive toys, no real financial worries - I was never satisfied or content. I had accepted life was meant to be hard, and - at times - stressful, unhappy and barely tolerable.

I tried to convince myself everything was ok, because it ticked all the boxes. But those 'boxes' are defined by society, not you. It's only when you reconnect with your true values, and align yourself with a purpose you believe in, that life can be so much more satisfying.

Using the same tools and practices that set me on my way, I would love to give you the guidance and support to help you through your journey.
Without the mistakes that I made.
You will have my unconditional support throughout our time together. 

you're worth more ...

I know what high pressure environments are like because I've been there. I know what it's like not to have your work valued. I get how frustrating it can be when your boss underestimates your abilities. And I understand the pressure you feel because your livelihood depends on it. But there REALLY is another way. How great would it be if we could find where our true talents can shine? 

the first step takes bravery ...

Putting up your hand and saying, 'I deserve more' - AND do something positive about it takes guts. I've retrained myself and started over, all while fighting depression and shame because I felt like I failed. But it's do-able, and it is SO worth it. You get to live life on YOUR terms. With no draconian boss dictating your workload or your happiness.

fighting fear is tough ...

But unless we work out what is holding us back and break through the obstacles that stop us from moving forward (whether they are self-imposed or not), how can we possibly know how high we can soar

Working with Amy has opened my eyes. She takes the time to listen, and gave me the belief and confidence to pursue a role (which I got!) that I wouldn’t of applied for before working with her.
— Ron T, Sydney

Work with me ...

It has taken a 15 year corporate career; an autoimmune disease diagnosis; a 12 month sabbatical whilst my health recovered; and numerous teacher trainings and coaching courses for me to find the right tools to see a way through. And I am excited to be able to share them with you! Email me or set up an obligation free 15 minute consultation, and we can have a chat about the things that you'd like to work on.

No obligations. Just a chat.

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... and to some not so serious facts about me:

I'm a certified Pilates Reformer instructor and yoga teacher, and by night I put on the active wear to teach classes. I really love shoes - the higher the heel, the better (I may have once said that mid-height heels are an half-arsed effort). I also have a deep love for cars and motorsport, which I probably inherited from my dad. I've watched Bathurst every year since I was 6, and I may secretly entertain myself by watching old Top Gear episodes and The Grand Tour. Don't judge me. I'm sure you have quirks too.

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