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Are you a business owner who is ...

Amy Chen small business coaching
  • Overwhelmed by numbers & what they mean?

  • Making plenty of sales but never seems to have any cash?

  • Don’t know how to make things more efficient?

  • Stuck doing paperwork and admin instead of growing your business?

  • Tired of being pulled away from what you’re great at and what you love to do?

  • Not sure what numbers and metrics that you should focus on?

understanding your numbers means you can create change to build an efficient business with strong foundations to support future growth

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once your foundations are solid, you will have more time to

  • Grow and your business, not struggling to find enough cash to pay the bills.

  • Actually enjoy running your business, NOT drowning in paperwork.

  • Let go of the things you hate doing because your cash flow will allow you to hire more help.

  • Plan and review your business to come up with effective strategies.

  • Focus on increasing sales with confidence your foundation and processes can easily support growth.

  • Find more time to spend with family and personal interests without feeling guilty.

Amy Chen developed my business financials to be ready for investor reviews. Amy is a detailed, ethical, highly knowledgeable financial and business consultant who effortlessly worked with me and organised my thinking and provided strategic counsel to make me and my business fully prepared with clarity. Amy is a joy to work with and I will most certainly be working with her as I scale my businesses.
— Catherine Stace, founder of Green Bowl

things I’ve helped clients ACHIEVE include:

accurate cost structures

Amy Chen, Business Coach, Business Mentor

A professional services provider that hated looking at his numbers, was educated on how to focus on the numbers were the most important (sales is only one of those numbers!). He was able to strip out costs he wasn’t even aware he was paying and increase his profit margin almost straight away.

find hidden cost savings

Amy Chen, Business Coach, Business Consulting

By overhauling the inventory system and process for Naturopath client, she was better positioned to know exactly how much profit she was making on product sales. She was more confident with her pricing structure and could confidently put strategies and packages in place to maximise profit without needing to second guess herself.

more time to grow sales

Amy Chen, Small Business Coaching

A small family business had grown beyond their structure, leading to clumsy and inefficient procedures. By changing how they approached their business processes, they had more time to focus on growing the business, and had accurate up-to-date information to track their performance so they can tweak strategies more quickly to maximise profit.

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More than 60 percent of Small business cease operating with three years of starting* …

… and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission reported the main cause of reason corporate insolvencies were:

  • 44 percent of business suffered from poor strategic management

  • 40 percent had inadequate cash flow or high cash use

  • 33 percent suffered from trading losses.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics

arm yourself with the right knowledge so you don’t become a statistic

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About me ...

I have worked closely with countless companies, often alongside accountants and lawyers. From small business to global corporations, I have visited, reviewed, and assessed the viability of hundreds of businesses, across many industries, both domestically and abroad, during my 12+ year corporate career.

The more you know what influences your business performance, the more confidently you can make informed decisions for your business, and the more you control your destiny.

I also regularly contribute business articles in publications such as Entrepreneur and Smart Company - you can find my articles here.

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